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Holistic – understand the whole person - values, motivations, interests, strengths, development areas


Trust based – establish rapport and connection


Growth through change – increased self-awareness and new behaviors


Future focused – exploring possibilities, trying new approaches


Abide by International Coaching Federation (ICF) Code of Ethics



Engage – establish rapport and learn about the leader’s or team’s journey.


Explore – strengths, development areas, major accomplishments, core values, and desired areas to change.


Assess – through feedback usually from stakeholder interviews and assessments.


Plan – a Coaching Plan with 2-3 goals and specific behaviors to shift; may be shared with key stakeholders.


Action – meet individuals (2X/month) and teams (4X/year) to review insights, share successes, and develop new strategies to overcome obstacles.


Change  – measure progress toward goals in Coaching Plan.



Values exercise – which values are most important to you now?


Individual Development Plan – customized plan with 2-3 goals and behaviors targeted to bring about desired change


Stakeholder interviews – capture how others are experiencing you and ways they can help you


Assessments – Hogan, DiSC, Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI), EQ in Action, and Thomas Kilmann Conflict Model


Systemic Team Coaching  –  foster systemic change through collaboration, role clarity, goal setting, and accountability  

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